Спецприложение ВК "Обучение на Кипре" - Вестник Кипра
Четверг, 04 августа 2016 00:00

Спецприложение ВК "Обучение на Кипре"



VESTNIK KIPRA is a Russian newspaper published in Cyprus since 1995. From time to time we make thematic issues or inserts in our regular newspaper. We invite you to take part in our special “EDUCATION AND ENTERNTAINMENT” issue. It will be printed the on the 2nd of September and given out free of charge together with the newspaper and separate in all the places where you can meet Russian children or Russian mothers.


We would like to introduce you to our readers all Cypriot educational institutions that plan to have Russian students next school year.

Articles, interviews, adverts from companies working for families and children, classified adverts from private teachers and service providers. It will be 8-16 pages glossy newspaper A3 that will be inserted in usual Russian newspaper VESTNIK KIPRA.

We are looking for adverts and articles from:

Kindergartens; Frontistirio; Dancing, Music, Art Schools; Psychologists;
Schools; Sport Clubs; Afternoon schools and centers; Speech therapists;
Colleges; Private teachers; Football, volleyball, etc teams; and other specialists
Universities; anything else that is dealt with education and development of a child.

Family Entertainment, food, holidays:
Kids Playgrounds; Luna parks; Child friendly attractions; Baby-sitters.
Clothes Shops; Sport Shops; Family friendly brands; Holiday camps;
Toy shops; Concerts and Shows; Family friendly restaurants; Travel offices.
Food producers; Sport activities; Ice-cream and Sweets Producers Educational trips;


There are few options (please note that VAT is not included and has to be paid on top): a classified announcement of a business card size – 40 euro, 1/8 of a page advert - 140 euro, 1/4 of a page – 240 euro, 1/2 page – 400 euro, full page – 750 euro.

We can translate your materials into Russian, write an article about you, make the design of your advert. It will cost 20-50 euro extra.


This information (your advert, article, interview) will be also published online and promoted through our website (26,000 unique visitors) and Facebook (8500 people). Usually we charge for this service from 50 to 200 euro. The information you will give to us for this EDUCATION GUIDE will be published free of charge.


We shall print 5 000 copies. 4 000 of them will be inserted in our usual newspaper.

The remaining 1 000 copies will be distributed – with a permission of the owner – in all places in Limassol where Russian people can be found: from shops to hairdressing salons, from schools to shops. And of course – we’ll distribute through all our advertisers. Free copies will be delivered to Russian schools LITC, Pupils of Pythagoras, Garmonia Kindergarten, Kids Club Bravo and at least 30 dancing, music, art, ballet schools where they teach in Russian.


At least 25 000 people, among them at least 7 000 children.


The dead-line for agreements is 5th of August 2016.

The dead-line for providing us with your texts or promo materials is 12th of August 2016.


Please call to one of our representatives who are responsible for this supplement:
Ekaterina (Gr, En, Ru) – 96 676252, Vitaly (Ru) – 97 832154

Reference on Vestnik Kipra: VESTNIK KIPRA Communications Group is a group of companies working with the Russian community of Cyprus. The most important fields of activity are publishing, educations, tourism, event management, PR and promotion of Cyprus enterprises in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The newspaper offers all local Cyprus news in Russian language, a business magazine provides the Russian-speaking businessmen in Cyprus with latest information. Several websites and social networks are updated every hour with recent Cypriot news. Russian TV-news program (together with Plus TV) offers a weekly review on all Cypriot news, reportages on events and interviews with many significant and interesting people. The largest events organized by VESTNIK KIPRA Group are the Cyprus-Russian Festival (more than 12,000 people) and thematic business conferences with more than 20 countries involved.

The Group consists of 6 companies:

Publishing House; Russian Educational Centre; Professional Translation Bureau; Vestnik Kipra Travel and Tours; IdeaLand Ltd (event management company); Association of Russian-Speaking residents of Cyprus (NGO).


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