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Prices on advertising services of Vestnik Kipra Publishing House.
Цены на рекламные услуги издательского дома “Вестник Кипра”.

To book an advertisement or to get more information, please contact us: e-mail to [email protected] or call on 25 590 530 (eng, gr, rus).
Чтобы заказать рекламу или узнать подробности, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами: e-mail: [email protected], телефон 25 590 530 (рус., греч., англ.).

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Terms of Use (“Terms”)

Last updated: 10th March 2020.

Please read these Terms of Use (“Terms”, “Terms of Use”) carefully before using the https://www.vkcyprus.com website (the “Service”) operated by Idealand Ltd.

Your access to and use of the Service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all visitors, users and others who access or use the Service.

By accessing of using the Service you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you may not access the Service.


Russian newspaper that has been published since 1995.

60% are distributed free of charge, 40% – all over Cyprus on the press stands.

There are about 80,000 Russian-speaking people who live in Cyprus permanently.
And there are many more Russian-speaking visitors of the island.

2,500 copies. Published quarterly: March, June, September, December.

A3 size, newsprint and glossy pages.

Inside pages and classified section

Cover pages 

• Prices above are in euro per one issue (1 advert), VAT 19% is not included.
• Discounts: 20% (lump-sum payment for 4 publications), deadline: 10 days prior each issue.
• Insertion of a small leaflet (up to 8 pages) or flyer into the newspaper– 1000 euro/issue.

Booking and terms of payment:
Small adverts and announcements (up to €500) should be fully prepaid, others may be paid in 2-3 equal installments.

In order to book advertising place in the newspaper or to receive more information please call 25 590 530.

Other services:

Design Department. We can make a layout of your advert in Russian (from 20 euro per item)

Translation Centre. Your information (articles, adverts) can be translated into Russian (21 euro per page)

Facebook page of Vestnik Kipra – your post can be shared, or translated and re-published (50 euro)

Раges in other social networks – Vestnik Kipra has pages in all major social networks. We can recommend the page that addresses your target audience and promote your business directly to your potential clients.

Download the media kit


Daily Cyprus news in Russian language online

This is the official website of the Russian-language newspaper VESTNIK KIPRA. It is updated several times a day with news and articles about Cyprus life.

Average yearly data:
Upon request, a Google analytics report is available.
Page views per month 270,000, visits a day 3,000 – 4,500, unique users per month 65,000
Users per country:
Cyprus – 70%
Russia – 16%
Other countries – 14%

You may place a banner or a press-release. See the sizes and options below.

• The above prices do not include 19% VAT.
• Discounts: 15% for 3 months prepayment, 20% for 6 months prepayment, 30% for 12 months prepayment.
• All banners/articles should be fully prepaid.
• The banner layout or an article should be provided in RUSSIAN language and approved 2 working days prior publication on the website.
• File formats for banners: JPG, GIF, PNG. Resolution: 72 dpi or more.
• File size: up to 1 Mb


1 article – €150 if the text is in Russian language, €200 if translation or editorial work is needed.
5 articles – €500 / €750.
10 articles – €800 / €1000.


Please send an e-mail to your advertising consultant if you know anyone in our office. Otherwise call us to get more information – tel. 25 590530.

Download the map of the banners

Download the media kit



CONTENT: Cyprus-related news and articles.
DISTRIBUTION: once a week on Friday.

SUBSCRIBERS: over 2,000 Russian-speaking readers.
E-mail marketing is very targeted and until now remains the most efficient way to deliver information to readers fast. VK clients may use this service in combination with traditional printed and online media or in addition to their social media campaign.

A link to the client’s text, interview or article can be included into the newsletter.
A client’s banner can be added between news
The cost is €100 per newsletter for any option.
The price does not include 19% VAT.

• All banners and texts should be fully prepaid.
• Advertisement templates should be provided in RUSSIAN and approved 1 working day prior to publication in the newsletter.
• VK can translate the text into Russian (€21 per page or per 250 words).
• Banner format: JPG. Resolution: 72 dpi. Size: 1000×620 px.



Vestnik Kipra can publish client’s posts among daily news in Facebook, Instagram and Telegram.
The fee is €90 per post (up to 100 words and 1 photo), €150 per photoreportages (up to 8 photo), competitions, giveaways, promoactions. 

Facebook @VestnikKipraCyprus– 20,052
Instagram @vestnik_kipra – 7,435
Telegram @vestnik_kipra – 2,678

1 post – €90
2 posts – €150
5 posts – €250
10 posts – €400 


Editorial work:
• translation from English or Greek – €21 per page / 250 words
• proofreading of ready Russian texts – €12 per page / 250 words
• copywriting (articles), online communication – €50 per item
• copywriting (interviews), online communication – €100 per item
• interview/article with a physical visit to the client’s office – €150 per visit


Cyprus Business Analytics Magazine

• The oldest Russian-language business magazine in Cyprus.
• Source of quality business news and analytics for Russian business community.
• Organiser of many International business events.
• Member of VESTNIK KIPRA Group.

In April, July and October the magazine is addressed to Russian-speaking professionals, who live and work in Cyprus, or those, who live abroad but work with Cyprus. They can read the local business news and the magazine online. January issue of the magazine is addressed to all business people, who live and work in Cyprus or live abroad but cooperate with Cypriot businesses.

Free delivery to over 1,000 Russian business leaders and international businesses. 300 copies are sent to bookshops and news stands. One copy of this magazine is given to every participant of business events organized by VKCyprus Group. Some copies are distributed at other business events where Successful Business Magazine acts as a media partner.

2,500 copies every 3 months: January, April, July, October.

A4 size, glossy.

• Prices above are in euro per one issue (1 advert), 19% VAT is not included.
• Discounts: 10% on 2 issues, 20% on 2 issues.
• Deadline for booking: one month before publication.
• All adverts should be prepaid.

Download the media kit


This is the only website in Russian that focuses on CYPRUS BUSINESS news. The website is addressed to Russian business people and has updates with news, statistics, analytics and articles devoted to European and Mediterranean business activity.

Average yearly data:
Upon request, a Google analytics report is available.
Page views 61,000, visits a day 300–600, users a month 12,000.
Users per country: Cyprus 49%, Russia 24%, other countries 27%.

• A banner linked to client’s website or a published article
• A press-release/article (€200 per placement, it will remain permanently on the website).
• Interview (€300/500, no size or time limit)
• A photo reportage, article, company’s blog – price on request.

* This banner appears on ALL pages ON TOP of each news

• The prices mentioned here are in EUR and do not include VAT.
• Payment should be done 3 working days prior publishing.

1 article – €200 
5 articles – €500 / €750
10 articles – €800 / €1000 

Download the map of the banners

Download the media kit


Content: Cyprus-related news and articles.

Subscribers: 2,000 Russian-speaking recipients/readers.

Advertising and promotion:
We offer several options including banner placements, press releases, articles, interviews.

The cost is €100 per newsletter for any option.
The price does not include 19% VAT.

• All texts should be fully prepaid.
• Advertisement templates should be provided in RUSSIAN and approved 1 working day prior to publication in the newsletter.
• We can translate your text into Russian (€21 per page or per 250 words).
• Banner format: JPG. Resolution: 72 dpi. Size: 975×100 px.


The Club is a private initiative of Natalia Kardash, publisher of the Successful Business magazine. The idea is to bring together international contacts of Ms. Kardash, to assist in establishing networking and exchange of information and ideas. Currently there are 650 people in three departments of the club: our private LinkedIn group, online club for international contacts and the Economic Diplomacy Council that meets in person in Cyprus.


Members: business people at all levels of corporate structure • This is a private group, membership “by invitation only”
• International and local connections of Ms. Kardash.
• Daily posts introducing members to each other.
• Currently 650+ members from 20 countries. The aim is to gather in the group (and introduce to each other) most of the personal contacts of Ms. Kardash (people from at least 30 countries).


Members: CEOs, founders and shareholders, senior management, of businesses located in Cyprus and abroad, local and international entrepreneurs.
• Members have an opportunity to participate in at least 20 online activities a year: private introductions, thematic discussions, seminars, workshops, lectures, presentations.
• Events are organised online, via Zoom.
• Once a year an offline event is organised in Cyprus.
• Ms. Kardash will ensure that online meetings will allow each member to network with at least 100 club members


Members: only Owners/Founders/Chairpersons or CEOs of Internationally oriented business are accepted as members of this Council.
• The physical events are organized for groups of 6-8 people (coffees, lunches, dinners) or up to 15 people (thematic meetings). Twice a year the Council runs events where all its members will gather together.
• Over one calendar year every member will meet at least once all the members of the Council.


For more details on the business trips, events and the business club activities, please contact Lusine Mirzoyan, the director of the club – [email protected].


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