VESTNIK KIPRA's 18th anniversary reception

On October 9, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Cyprus, in Nicosia, hosted the reception on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the publishing house "Vestnik Kipra". The ex-presidents of the Republic of Cyprus, George Vassiliou and Dimitris Christofias, ministers and representatives of diplomatic missions, businessmen and heads of major Cypriot and international companies, renowned scientists, artists and other celebrities came to celebrate this event together with the staff and friends of the company. Natalia Kardash, General Director, "Vestnik Kipra" Publishing House: "Most of the guests in this hall are our partners and friends. We would like to thank all of you, who came to celebrate with us the attainment of our "legal age". During these years, we have significantly grown. If one lists all current activities of VK - the Publishing House, the Educational Centre, the Translation Bureau, event management and consulting activities, the Travel Agency - it is difficult to imagine that all these are the result of well-coordinated work of the unique team, consisting of only 22 employees!"